3 night minimum. Indicate your requested reservation dates in your message below. We'll follow up with you via email from Contact Tina, our property manager, at +01-755-553-2815 if dialing within Mexico or +011-52-755-553-2815 if dialing from the U.S.


    You are also welcome to directly contact the owner of Casa de Oro, Peter Inglis, with questions about the property and Troncones both before and after booking. He can be reached at +1 415-816-2701 or via email at

    See what others have to say about their experience at Casa de Oro:

    • Roam29699 AvatarRoam29699

      5 star rating “Casa De Oro is the best place to decompress” We spent a very relaxing week at Casa De Oro over the Christmas holiday.
      Everything about our stay was perfect...
      read more - 1/07/2020 

      Eduardo Patiño AvatarEduardo Patiño

      Todo super! Únicamente los muebles de la sala están un poco dañados - 10/14/2019 

      Fiona H AvatarFiona H

      5 star rating “Relaxing” We loved our stay at Casa de Oro. It was relaxing and beautiful. We enjoyed walking on the beach and... read more - 11/28/2019 

      E M AvatarE M

      Just spent a fantastic week at Casa De Oro in Troncones. Hands down the best beach vacation I've been... read more - 1/06/2020 

    • Isaac Laprade AvatarIsaac Laprade

      “Casa De Oro is a mystical place to visit. The beauty and grand scale of the casa will take your... read more - 7/12/2018 

      SognoBell... AvatarSognoBell...

      5 star rating “Luxury Living on the Beach” I never write reviews, but must share our 2 week experience.
      Casa De Oro commands one of the choicest locales...
      read more - 2/19/2019 

      568lolilo... Avatar568lolilo...

      5 star rating “Longing to Return” There are first class resorts and then there is Casa De Oro! Wow, from the attentive Tina to the wonderful... read more - 2/28/2019 

      Eduardo Lozano AvatarEduardo Lozano

      Muy bien - 11/17/2019 

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